Оптично устройство LiteON EBAU108-21, външно, USB, четене/записване, бяло
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Марка: LiteOn
DVD Family Write Speed DVD+R DVD-R DVD+R DL DVD-R DL 8X maximum 8X maximum 6X maximum 6X maximum Read Speed DVD-ROM 8X maximum ReWrite Speed DVD+RW DVD-RW 8X  maximum 6X  maximum CD Family Write Speed CD-R 24X maximum Read Speed CD-ROM ..
51.05 лв
Оптично устройство LiteOn iHAS124, вътрешно, SATA, четене/записване, черно
Налично в централен склад
Марка: LiteOn
 Serial ATA (SATA) connectivity Higher transfer rates with SATA connection (compared to PATA) Future proof; compatibility with the latest motherboards Better airflow in PC casings due to smaller cable and plug sizes SATA supports "hot swap"(must be supported by your motherboard) Support Features Use..
32.08 лв
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